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Saturday, July 25, 2015♥

My love will stay wif u forever ..

I dont want to be treated as a wai ren nxt time.

[1:47 PM]

Thursday, January 8, 2015♥

My love will stay wif u forever ..

Day 4 went to taling chan floating market then to wat arun(temple of dawn). Cab cost ard 120 for pratunam to taling chan floating market. Took e boat ride for 90bhat per person. We are done by ard 1pmplus

From taling chan to wat arun is about 100 baht for cab.e temple is super grand!!!there is a plave where pple cna climb up the building but for tourist it require payment. Just did a short walk. So it was very fast. Lyk 1hr only.
After tt back to pratunam to collect tailor shirt and went for dinner at the street side seafood nxt to central world.
Had the other fish , omelette tomyum soup and chicken. E omelette is nice but was super oily!!!!

[11:47 PM]

My love will stay wif u forever ..

Went to bkk on 1 jan 2015.
Lots of shopping:)))
Hahhahahas was so excited for this trip with bb.
Took tigerair to bkk.anage to catch e sunrise while on e plane.

When we reached we took e airport link to ratchaprop then walk to our hotel. Ideal pratunam hotel. It was good a small clean hotel. Just lack facilities and toileteries but still the hotel is good clean. Breakfast was okies. The staff were alright. Till e very last day when they had some prob booking taxi for us to the airport. Tt the only thing we were not v happy about but other than tt is fine  really cclean. No scary feeling of sleeping at night

When we reached cos we couldnt check in yet so left luggage there to shop at pratunam and had our brunch . Shop alittle at pratunma but was quite late lyk close to 11plus so alot of shops are actually closed. So for those tt want to go pratunam to shop pls go early.Had roadside wontan mee and bb had tomyum noodle(super spicy!. )

Then went massage cos e room was still not ready.
After tt went to checkin and then platinum mall. Shop shop shop hahahas. Den went to after you cafe at siam paragon the queue is like super long but was quite fast cos some of them gave up waiting. The ferrero toast was good. The nutella coffee is good too. The shibuya toast is just a simple original version of e rest i guess so can order other flavour  to try. After tt went to the famous 4 faced buddha to baibai. It was sooo crowded.

After tt went back pratunam by e salt bake fish which is juz nxt to the central.world along the street. It was gooodďddd!!!!hahhahahas  thought street food doesnt look v hygienic but they are really good.

2nd day we went amariwatergate newmanexecutive to tailor clothes.  after tt continue shopping at platinum to clear e lvl tt we din manage to cover on 1st day. Went to AnW to eat e waffle😊😊
At night went chinatown yaowarat for dinner. E shark fin soup!crab meat fried rice and bird nest.. cab fare from pratubam to yaowarat is  around 90 to 100. Ast time experiencing taking a  tuktuk.

3rd day weekend saturday went to chatukchak cab from pratunam is about 90.weather was quite hot.

The place is super big but there is some cheap clothings compare to platinum. So for those tt see clothing tt u like in platinum but find the price exp can kiv 1st till u go chatukchak if manage to find in chaktukchak tt is cheaper den buy if not after tt go back to platinum and get it. There is a shop with v cheap tweed clothes. Start shopping from section 1 first. See a map near e mrt . And plan how to wan walk ard. Soi 1 to 22 has more clothings 22 onwards are less clothings. So if ur purpose is clothings can spend more time on the 1st half. Anyway the food there are interesting too. Tried the toast bread galic. And chocolate. The chocobanana which is frozen banana with choco and nuts. Also the thai tea is nice too!!! There will be lots to shops so for ladies might wan to consider bring some big bag or big canvas bag or backpack. When we got back we cross over to the opposite to get a cab. Might be hard cos some are unwilling to go by meter. For those given fixed rate $100bhat is about the price do not pay more than tt.

[1:06 PM]

Monday, November 10, 2014♥

My love will stay wif u forever ..

Now then i realise the power of wifi! Miss bb sooo much . So not use to not msging. Just feel so weird. But i guess is a good chabce for me to learn to ne independent.

Hope he have a safe trip. Miss him

[9:22 AM]

Sunday, November 9, 2014♥

My love will stay wif u forever ..
Baby im missing u. No msg.  Just keep waiting hoping u will have wifi soon. 

[7:13 PM]

Friday, October 24, 2014♥

My love will stay wif u forever ..


[6:08 PM]

Sunday, October 12, 2014♥

My love will stay wif u forever ..
Anyway went hk during the holiday. And just strike me that i should share the itinerary for hk for those that intend to go hk , yet lazy or no time to plan. So feel free to email me for hk itinerary at meixuan1992@yahoo.com.sg if anyone of u is look for it. For US also feel free to ask from me. I am v willing to share it with anyone. Cos planning for holiday sometime is really time consuming.

[10:16 PM]


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